Tuesday July 23, 2019
8:00AM Sessions
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Session CodeRoomSessionType
AA1-TuMGrand Ballroom E-GALD for Catalysts, Electrocatalysts, and PhotocatalystsOral
AA2-TuMGrand Ballroom E-GALD for Batteries IOral
AF1-TuMGrand Ballroom A-CIn-Situ Characterization of ALD ProcessesOral
AF2-TuMGrand Ballroom H-KALD Precursors IIOral
AF3-TuMGrand Ballroom A-CGrowth and Characterization IIOral
ALE1-TuMRegency Ballroom A-CALE: Gas-phase and/or Thermal ALEOral
ALE2-TuMRegency Ballroom A-CAlternative Methods to ALEOral
AS1-TuMGrand Ballroom H-KArea-Selective ALD TechniquesOral